wave of bliss meditation

Wave of Bliss Meditation
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Why Practice Meditation?

Seriously, why not meditate? Life is stressful. It’s stressful for all of us. We’re worried about our families, our jobs, our bills, our country and the world in general. We worry about our health. We worry about getting older. We worry about the future. It is through meditation that you can truly learn to both manage and lessen the stress in your life.

Do you know what studies have proven about daily practitioners of meditation?

Greatly improved health

Alleviation of anxiety and depression

Development of intuition

Improved relationships

Clarity of the mind and more focus

Heightened creativity

Increased physical energy

Improved sleep habits


Meditation – ripples of wonder causing waves of peace.


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Los Angeles 

Feb 27, 2017 



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April 24th


The Community House

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Are you interested in making meditation part of your daily life?  Have you meditated and found yourself frustrated because you could not sit still or clear your mind?
Vedic meditation might be the technique you have been waiting for.

Vedic meditation is a 5,000 year old tradition based on the art of transcendence that leads us to the edge of the infinite using the power of sound to heal the mind, body and heart. This course will provide you with a solid foundation to sustain a daily meditation practice, personalized mantra, knowledge of the mind and body and a lifetime of support.


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Juli Ji began practicing Vedic meditation in 2008 and it changed her life in profound ways. She immediately began to study all about so she could teach and share Vedic Meditation with others.  Julie has studied with many Vedic masters in India and Los Angeles.  Julie Currently teaches full time in Los Angeles and Detroit.


Group Meditation

Sunday Feb 19 at 5pm

Meditation Social Club

Join myself and Chris Pomeroy for a group meditation and Knowledge meeting

Topic: Letting go of fear

Its Free for all Vedic meditators.


10604 W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90064

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